How to identify if Supreme is fake or not?

How to identify if Supreme is fake or not?

Whether you are investing in a piece of supreme clothing, a new accessory or you’re getting yourself into the re-selling of the brand; the last thing anyone wants is to waste money on a fake supreme piece.

Unfortunately, there are people who nowadays see potential in replicating the brand and creating fake Supreme and then further selling it on, advertising it as genuine. This guide will help you identify whether a supreme item is fake or real.

There are a variety of ways in which you will be able to spot the fake supreme from the real supreme clothing. You can do this by examining different areas of the clothing such as the logos, the print, the labels, the drawstrings, the tags and the stitching.

The Supreme logo

A real supreme box logo has a very rich, dark red around the word Supreme written in white. A fake supreme logo would be either much lighter or darker.


The stitching of the item

If the item is real, the stitching should be sturdy and have a distinctive crisscross pattern like small diamonds placed together through diagonal stitching.

The letters

Letters are placed very close to each other and are almost touching in real supreme clothing items.

Items in sunlight

If an item is genuine, the logo will be crisp and matte white however if the item is fake, it is more of a grey colour rather than a white and therefore when it is put under direct sunlight, the logo will give off a shine.


To ensure an item is real, there must be ample space between the cross stitching and the word ‘supreme’ in the tag logo.